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Lagos State Improves On Tuberculosis Control




Lagos State Government says it has updated its Tuberculosis, TB, control intercessions so as to diminish the commonness of the sickness in the state.

As indicated by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Dr. Titilayo Goncelves who made this known on Thursday in Lagos amid an office visit to some TB Direct Observed Treatment (DOT) Centers in the state, including that the update was gone for tending to issues of HR, sputum accumulation and transportation.

She further said it was updated for information gathering, quiet development, and network sensitization also. Awareness aimed at the avoidance and treatment of tuberculosis.

“We have enlisted and trained personnel who will help with information on the social affair and patient development and these incorporate, and not constrained to hack officers, contact tracers and linkage officers,” she said.

Goncalves said the facility tour of the TB DOT Centers was to empower the service to get direct data on difficulties facing each center on the TB program execution with the point of tending to them.

“The office visit had likewise given a road to pay backing visits to network pioneers and conventional rulers to look for help for the usage of the intercessions.

 “The facility visit had however also provided an avenue to pay advocacy visits to community leaders and traditional rulers to seek help for implementation of the interventions.

“Here at Iwaya Primary Health Center, various difficulties have been distinguished, including logistics with sputum transportation and workers’ disposition.

“These are being investigated as of now,” she said.

Goncalves encouraged stakeholders to put more endeavors in the drive to control and eradicate the disease.

She encouraged members of the public, in general, to look for suitable consideration on the off chance that they had side effects of prolonged cough which is accompanied by weight loss and copious sweating.

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Coronavirus In Africa As Egypt Records The First Case



The Health Ministry in Egypt has confirmed the first case of the deadly Coronavirus. The authorities made this disclosure on Friday 14th February in a press release. They said the World Health Organization has been informed and the patient is in isolation for monitoring and treatment.

The patient’s nationality was not given. However, Egypt is the 28th country in the world to record Coronavirus and the first in Africa.

So, over 64,000 cases of the Coronavirus have been diagnosed around the world and 1,363 persons have been confirmed dead since its outbreak in Wuhan, China

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Nigerian And Other Foreign Nationals Nabbed In India For Promising To Sell Kidneys To Over 200 People



The police in Bengaluru on Sunday nabbed a gang of six which include two Sudanese nationals and a Nigerian. They were, therefore, arrested for duping over 200 persons promising them to sell or buy kidneys online.

So they claimed to have been authorized by the WHO and had wrongly used the name of a hospital and a reputed medical doctor to deceive people seeking kidney transplants.

Those arrested are; Jatin Kumar, 25, Kami Ranjan, 21, from Bommanahalli, Herendra Tripura, 25, from Tripura, Marwan Faisal, 27, Sudan, Ahmed Ismail, 24, Sudan, Esene Lovely, 29, Nigeria

So, they were arrested by tracing the mobile numbers listed on their website after a doctor in a private hospital; Dr. Shafiq M.M complained.

Also, the police recovered ATM, account details, and SIM cards and cellphones after a search was carried out.

Also, it was also gathered that the names of reputable doctors were mentioned to convince their victims. Further, they collected money ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000 pretending to issue insurance and register over 200 people.

However, the Nigerian, Esene Lovely, Ismail, and Marwan have overstayed their visas in India.

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Jehovah’s Witness Parents Refuse Blood Transfusion For Their Sick Child (VIDEO)



The release of a video showing a Nigerian father refusing medical assistance for his sick daughter, precious, has brought about many outrageous statements. The father claimed that his church, Jehovah’s Witness is against the transfusion of blood.

Harrison Gwamnishu, the activist who shared the video has met with the girl’s parent in Sapele. Precious, who is suffering from Hydrocephalus might need a blood transfusion if she undergoes surgery.

The father said he agrees to medical help but will never consent to blood transfusion to be done on his 1 year and 7 months old daughter.

”We in Jehovah’s witnesses, we don’t take blood. I would not want to transfuse blood into the child. We will not accept a blood transfusion. If in the course of surgery they would transfuse blood in the child, we would not want that. I don’t want my baby to die but that is our faith” the father said

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