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POSTNAIJA is an online news site committed to the ideal conveyance of Nigerian news and Entertainment reports. We are an autonomous news organization concentrated on serving Nigerian and the world with checked and undiluted news reports.


We don’t aim to influence our esteemed readers towards a specific perspective, rather than the realities. Hence, expects to give the entire story, in the wake of finding out about it decently well, and after that clarify it in a total and accurate way


At we are non-partisan. We choose freely the subjects we spread. We generally intend to transmit the full story with no influence from money related or publicist’s interests.
PostNaija is aware of its scope and obligation. Hence, the organization acknowledges and assumes liability for any mistakes it may make and is focused on amending


We know our duty at POSTNAIJA towards the society and we have set the most astounding social measures conceivable to guarantee the highest integrity. Improving a culture of regard, decent variety, gender equality balance, just as protecting the wellbeing and dignity of our workers and clients are paramount

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